Chemical Classification      Cyclohexanone Formaldehyde Resin
     Physical Form      Pearl Shaped Granular Solid
     Melting Point (Capillary)      105° C – 110 ° C
     Viscosity of 50% solution in Industrial Spirit at      25°C by B4 Ford Cup      21 - 23 sec
     Iodine No of 50% solution in Industrial Spirit      1.0 Max
     Hydroxyl Value
     230-250 mg KOH / gm resin
     Acid Value      0.05 mg KOH / gm resin (Max)
Properties & Usage :
POLYTONE K-95 is practically acidless, unsaponifiable Ketone Formaldehyde Resin which is very light in colour, has excellent light resistance and show but very slight tendency to solvent retention. Addition of this resin in general improves gloss, hardness, filling, adhesive strength and durability. POLYTONE K-95 is available in pearl shaped granules. This resin is highly effective in imparting gloss, adhesiveness in the inks and also in increasing the solid content in flexo & gravure inks. Use of this resin in ball point pen inks ensure that pastes and inks in writing instruments do not dry quickly yet set quickly after writing. POLYTONE K-95 is used in the manufacture of all types of nitrolacquers and is most suitable for paper lacquers. This resin is useful in the manufacture of PVC lacquers and for polishing lacquers and finishes for the surface treatment of wooden furniture and articles.
Industrial Applications :
Flexographic Inks, Gravure Inks, Lamination Inks, Ball Point Inks, Lacquers, Offset Inks, PU-systems, Nitro Cellulose Paints, Varnishes, Heat Seal Coating, Primer and Base Coatings, Gasoline resistant coatings, Nail Lacquers and many more
Solubility :
POLYTONE K-95 is soluble in alcohols(not in methanol), ketones, esters, glycol ether acetates, as well as in some aromatic & chlorinated hydrocarbons. It is however not soluble in water and in aliphatic hydrocarbons.
Compatibility :
POLYTONE K-95 is compatible with different types of nitrocellulose, benzyl cellulose, ethyl cellulose, cellulose acetate, polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated rubber, as well as in many synthetic resins e.g. alkyd resins, phallic resins, UF resins, polyvinyl butyryl resins, polyamide, phenol formaldehyde condensation resins etc and a multitude of plasticizers.
Packaging :
Available in 25 Kg bags.
Shelf Life :
Store under cool dry conditions. It is recommended that the material be used within 12 months from the date of manufacture.
The information contained herein is to the best of our knowledge, accurate and reliable. The information given herein is for reference only and is subjected to change without prior notice. However, as use conditions are not within our control no guarantees are given or are to be inferred, nor is freedom from any patent to be inferred.
(CIN U24303GJ2016PTC093748)

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